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Dead Right: How Being Right Affects Action

It is such a killer of teams, individuals and projects of all kinds. The heart of our survival “machinery” is the reaction that stops the action, deters people from playing 100% and mostly leaves a trail of broken relationships, dissatisfied participants and waste of a great possibility. That reaction is being “right,” and it requires [...]

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Coaching Experience — It’s The Experience … Or, Is It?

College basketball is over. One of the better Final Fours is complete. Viewed in person by an average of 77,000 per night. The North Carolina Tarheels leave Arizona with the Championship Trophy. All three games in the Final Four went down to the wire. And, North Carolina was the only team with experience. In fact, [...]

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The Final Four 2017 – My Take

My first Final Four was in Portland, Oregon, 1965, between UCLA, University of Michigan, Princeton and Wichita State University. It was held in the Portland Coliseum that seated 13,000 and change. I am not sure it was even sold out. A return engagement for John Wooden’s Bruins (1964 Champs). Michigan was a power in the [...]

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March Madness: The Greatest Show On Earth

No disrespect to Jimmy Stewart, but the new “Greatest Show” is March Madness. The number of people caught up in the process to name the best intercollegiate basketball team is second to none. The number of people that are involved in this show is staggering. There is the obvious. It begins with the conference tournaments. [...]

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Execution, And I Don’t Mean “The Chair”

Everything happens as a function of action. That’s not a startling statement. However, I’m not talking about just moving around. I am not talking about “kinda” running the coach’s system either, or even telling the hitter to watch the ball. So, what DO I mean? In the baseball analogy, it is watching the seam of [...]

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March Madness: A Coach’s Perspective

March Madness? Actually, the madness really begins in February. I think keeping their teams in present time is a BIG challenge for coaches. This is not true in all cases, but worth paying attention to. Let’s take a minute to look at the various situations that can become distractions.   THE SUREFIRE “INs” These are [...]

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A Look At Leadership

Back in the day, the expectation of leaders was that it was the athlete/employee’s job to adapt to the leader. You know, “my way or the highway.” The primary motivational tool was fear. I am sorry to say, this tool is still popular among some organizational leaders today. The leader is afraid that his “crew” [...]

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Performance Factors Revealed

We are always working on our performance even when we we aren’t consciously working on it. During this work, one of the questions we ask ourselves is, “How do I consistently maintain a high level of performance?” Perhaps there are more effective questions to ask. Businesses and other types of organizations have dozens of projects [...]

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Execution Is The Key To Performace

For years I have been emphasizing that the only thing that makes any difference to great performance is action. In conversations with my executive clients, it has become clear that I need to fine-tune my conversation. I'm not talking about just any old action. What leaders are interested in is execution. The execution is driven by [...]

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What’s The Hurry? Live In The Now.

In the world of sports and life in general, we seem to be in a great hurry to get on to the next thing. So much so that we are distracted from what is happening right now. You need to live in the now. The “present” is the only place anything is ever happening. Take college [...]

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