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Choking On Our Culture – Accountability In Life And Sports

Over the years, it has been said that sports are a mirror-image of our culture. That has never been truer than today. Let’s see if I can give you an example of what I am proposing. My assertion is that politically our country is a trainwreck. We have a president who has no idea how [...]

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Why Me? Dealing With The Shingles

For about 10 days or more. I have been battling the Shingles. Not the ones on the roof but those brought on by suffering with chicken pox as a kid. I thought I paid my dues and can’t help wondering, “why the double-dip?” To give me some clarity about this avenger virus I went to [...]

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Using The Past For The Future

Our reactions are driven by the past and, as such, are always a limitation. They are always the same or very similar, so there may be incremental change, but very slow progress. So, what is the most effective way to use the past? Since the past is the foundation for creating the future, like a [...]

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What About Playing Baseball?

I loved playing baseball. I was a collegiate player and was offered an opportunity to play professionally. However, pro basketball intervened. Even so, a couple of innings on TV and I am falling asleep. Way too much time between the action. I am sure someone has this stat as stat-crazy as baseball has become. Here [...]

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Is Newer Always Better?

Is newer always better? Every new generation of athlete tends to think they are bigger, stronger, faster and better than those who have come before them. I don’t even want to waste time and breath arguing the point. Look at technology, for example. Everyday someone is coming up with a new device, a better widget [...]

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Not Sorry I Am Old

As I move through my 83rd year, I often have days where my thoughts are about all the things I haven’t done or done well or didn’t even think about doing. On rare occasions, I have a sense of pride about what I was able to do. The truth is, despite my failures I have [...]

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How Are We Educating Each Other?

For well over 50 years, I have been working at educating myself and thousands of others. I am clear I have been able to provide most of those others a way to look at life that gives them choices. Then I meet young people who have been educated to be average and ... the real [...]

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The NBA – Then And Now

The San Francisco Warriors are World Champions for 2017. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry starred. Each year I am struck by the broadcasting crews slight of the greatest players that have gone before. It is almost as if NBA basketball began with “Magic” Johnson and Larry Bird, followed by Michael Jordan. I am clear the [...]

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You’re Committed To Winning? Are You Kidding Me?

Talk to the executives of any sports organization and they will tell you they are committed to winning. Bullshit. If this is true why is it that the same teams are always on or near the top? How come certain teams always find that athlete that perfectly fits their need? Or, how does Kevin Durant [...]

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Where Have All The Track And Field Fans Gone?

When I was a kid, May was track and field month. Of course, the track and field season was longer than just a month, but the premiere event was the West Coast Relays (WCR) in Fresno, CA. I think I was 12 years old when my Dad and I attended my first of many WCR’s. [...]

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