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How Are We Educating Each Other?

For well over 50 years, I have been working at educating myself and thousands of others. I am clear I have been able to provide most of those others a way to look at life that gives them choices. Then I meet young people who have been educated to be average and ... the real [...]

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The NBA – Then And Now

The San Francisco Warriors are World Champions for 2017. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry starred. Each year I am struck by the broadcasting crews slight of the greatest players that have gone before. It is almost as if NBA basketball began with “Magic” Johnson and Larry Bird, followed by Michael Jordan. I am clear the [...]

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You’re Committed To Winning? Are You Kidding Me?

Talk to the executives of any sports organization and they will tell you they are committed to winning. Bullshit. If this is true why is it that the same teams are always on or near the top? How come certain teams always find that athlete that perfectly fits their need? Or, how does Kevin Durant [...]

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Where Have All The Track And Field Fans Gone?

When I was a kid, May was track and field month. Of course, the track and field season was longer than just a month, but the premiere event was the West Coast Relays (WCR) in Fresno, CA. I think I was 12 years old when my Dad and I attended my first of many WCR’s. [...]

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So, You Want To Be A Leader?

So, whether or not you want to be a leader, you are already leading. The question is whether or not you are willing to be responsible for your leadership and the direction it is leading. You see, someone is always paying attention to the way you are acting and deciding whether or not to play [...]

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Being Good At What You Love

What is the key to being good at what you love? Is there something YOU love to do? Are you good at it? Perhaps, since “good” is a judgement call, but are you improving? Or, are you complaining about your performance? To help you in your evaluation of your performance consider this ... you are either [...]

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Dead Right: How Being Right Affects Action

It is such a killer of teams, individuals and projects of all kinds. The heart of our survival “machinery” is the reaction that stops the action, deters people from playing 100% and mostly leaves a trail of broken relationships, dissatisfied participants and waste of a great possibility. That reaction is being “right,” and it requires [...]

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Coaching Experience — It’s The Experience … Or, Is It?

College basketball is over. One of the better Final Fours is complete. Viewed in person by an average of 77,000 per night. The North Carolina Tarheels leave Arizona with the Championship Trophy. All three games in the Final Four went down to the wire. And, North Carolina was the only team with experience. In fact, [...]

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The Final Four 2017 – My Take

My first Final Four was in Portland, Oregon, 1965, between UCLA, University of Michigan, Princeton and Wichita State University. It was held in the Portland Coliseum that seated 13,000 and change. I am not sure it was even sold out. A return engagement for John Wooden’s Bruins (1964 Champs). Michigan was a power in the [...]

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March Madness: The Greatest Show On Earth

No disrespect to Jimmy Stewart, but the new “Greatest Show” is March Madness. The number of people caught up in the process to name the best intercollegiate basketball team is second to none. The number of people that are involved in this show is staggering. There is the obvious. It begins with the conference tournaments. [...]

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