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Making Decisions

One of the things people labor over in their lives is decision-making. Choosing the “right” thing to do. Worrying about it, stressing about it. Being anxious over extended periods of time is wearing. If you are in a leadership role, the attempt to fulfill the expectations of others requires decision-making support for others. The truth [...]

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What’s The Cost Of Injury?

I have been wondering about the multitude of injuries that occur in a single sports season. This includes all levels from high school to college to professional. Am I just too old or do I read every day in my sports page about teams struggling because of injuries to key players? Consider this, the team [...]

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Fastbreak Training Lives!

POWER. The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. PRECISION. The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task or function. PERFORMANCE. The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. As definitions, the above three provide very little in the area [...]

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Did You Ever End Up With Nothing?

Did you ever accomplish everything you set out to do and end up with nothing? Of course you haven’t. You are not old enough. You haven’t done what you loved for over 50 years. Chances are that you haven’t affected the lives of hundreds of people, YET. I have. I am here and now with [...]

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The Business Of Sports

Professional athletics are business, BIG business. So, what is the business of sports and what does it mean? It means that decision-making is governed by profit and loss just like any other type of business. Problems occur when decisions are influenced by other levels of sports, or thinking it should look like the college version. [...]

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Helping Neighborhoods

There is something that continues to bother me, and that is how engaged people are with projects in foreign countries. I am not saying there isn’t a need. However, I am more concerned with all the people living in poverty, crime and resignation in neighborhoods throughout our cities right here in America. At one point [...]

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Having A Great Holiday Season

Beginning with Thanksgiving and Black Friday we are into the Holiday Season. A much awaited time of the year for many people and not so great for some. Let’s see if I can support your experience being a great one. First, I ask you to consider that, in general, people are in a low-grade upset [...]

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The Possibility Of Great Relationships

Having great relationships is a process. It is never a done deal given there is always another level to be achieved. This article is about a structure that I’ve found works. And, like any structure it requires persistence to produce the intended results. One thing to remember is there is no perfect way to do [...]

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Loving Your Work

I am often asked what I love about what I do. Many have heard me say that I have never had a bad day at work. That may be a slight exaggeration, but very slight. It has never seemed like work to me. Even days when I fail are not bad days. So, what do [...]

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