Decision-Making Or Derision-Making?

Decision-Making Or Derision-Making?

Contrary to most areas of life, decision-making in the world of sports is a very public conversation. Changing personnel (trading) is one of those decisions at the professional level. Most of the time it looks like doing something for the sake of doing something. Or, trading apples for oranges.

I am sure some enterprising person has gathered the statistics on who got the better of any trade. What about the criticisms leveled at organizations who didn’t make a trade? No one knows what would have been the result if they made a change. Changing for the sake of changing is merely for show; an exercise in “looking good.”

Given that most people are not excited about change, especially those who could be candidates, what’s the downside here? If anyone is fair game for a trade and the rumor mill starts, don’t you think that can affect people’s performance? Consider that it creates an environment least desirable for performers called “uncertainty.”

You hear all the time that it’s about winning. Of course it is. The purpose of any contest is to declare a winner. Consequently, of course, a loser is also declared. That means in any sport every season you only have one winner and the rest are losers.

Wait a minute you say. My team made the play-offs, so they were winners. That will be good for awhile, but less satisfying in a few seasons. Ask Coach Marv Levy who had his Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl three times (all losses). All decided by made or missed field goals in the waning seconds. All I know is his team was there playing for it all and the rest of the league were home watching on TV. That sounds like a winner to me.

Management interferes with the coaching staff when what they need to do is support them. There is enough self-imposed pressure put on players and coaches. They need to be supported publicly and internally. True fans may complain, but they are there every week supporting them through all the ups and downs they may experience.

Management needs to build teams that have more than just talented players. Good citizens would be a real start. They really have no idea how much influence they have with their community, especially with the kids. They are role models no matter what they think or do. The good they can do just living their values determines how they are viewed and their own experience of being that model.

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