The Importance Of Hard Work

How Soon We Forget I think we have forgotten or, more succinctly, technology has limited our experience of performing hard work. I am not just talking about putting in long hours. I am talking about physical, tedious and yes, sometimes boring work. I am not saying I don’t value what technology provides us. I am [...]

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Did You Ever End Up With Nothing?

Did you ever accomplish everything you set out to do and end up with nothing? Of course you haven’t. You are not old enough. You haven’t done what you loved for over 50 years. Chances are that you haven’t affected the lives of hundreds of people, YET. I have. I am here and now with [...]

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The Possibility Of Great Relationships

Having great relationships is a process. It is never a done deal given there is always another level to be achieved. This article is about a structure that I’ve found works. And, like any structure it requires persistence to produce the intended results. One thing to remember is there is no perfect way to do [...]

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100/0 – Not Giving Up On Relationships

The theme of the work I do is “Relationship is the Key to Everything.” Our lives are the most satisfying when we are fully related to the people in them, no exceptions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are all the same. What I am saying is that I have no issues with the [...]

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So, You Want To Be A Leader?

So, whether or not you want to be a leader, you are already leading. The question is whether or not you are willing to be responsible for your leadership and the direction it is leading. You see, someone is always paying attention to the way you are acting and deciding whether or not to play [...]

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A Look At Leadership

Back in the day, the expectation of leaders was that it was the athlete/employee’s job to adapt to the leader. You know, “my way or the highway.” The primary motivational tool was fear. I am sorry to say, this tool is still popular among some organizational leaders today. The leader is afraid that his “crew” [...]

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The Importance Of Completion

Why is completion important? Our lives are a series of projects; daily, monthly, yearly and, yes, lifetime. The nature of a project is that it has a beginning, middle and end. The project may go through various phases, is naturally ongoing, or needs stepping stones to completion. Ah, completion, the achilles heel for human beings. [...]

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Responsibility In Sports: Step Up And Be Counted

This weekend, a big-time Division I football coach was fired; in September! I have been involved with the world of sports longer than most anyone who might be reading this. I can count the times a mid-season firing has made any difference on one hand. The victim of this farce is Les Miles at Louisiana [...]

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The Aftermath Of The Olympics

The Olympics have begun. I know this because I saw Michael Phelps carrying the American flag and leading a large group of folks dressed in red, white and blue. The bright lights and fireworks of Rio, highlighted by the routines of hundreds of dancers tells me that also. Of course, I am watching on TV [...]

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It Begins Within – Taking Action

The world is inundated with examples of “what doesn’t work.” From terrorism to our own neighborhoods we have overwhelming examples. It seems to me that there will be no relief, no causing a breakthrough, until actions are taken by the people most directly affected. It is simple really. If I am expecting someone else to [...]

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