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The Importance Of Hard Work

How Soon We Forget I think we have forgotten or, more succinctly, technology has limited our experience of performing hard work. I am not just talking about putting in long hours. I am talking about physical, tedious and yes, sometimes boring work. I am not saying I don’t value what technology provides us. I am [...]

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Knowing Ourselves as Possibility

Fulfilling on a possibility is simple. I did not say it was easy. What is easy is to do is doing what we usually do (even though we may not think it is easy). The engine that drives possibility is commitment. Setting a timeline that is predictable isn’t it. Besides, you don’t ever know how [...]

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It’s that time of year again. No, it isn’t October yet. It’s time for the College World Series. This is an item on my “bucket list.” I wish I had been able to attend when it was held in the old ballpark, but it’s still on my list. The final eight teams are all there [...]

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What’s The Cost Of Injury?

I have been wondering about the multitude of injuries that occur in a single sports season. This includes all levels from high school to college to professional. Am I just too old or do I read every day in my sports page about teams struggling because of injuries to key players? Consider this, the team [...]

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Did You Ever End Up With Nothing?

Did you ever accomplish everything you set out to do and end up with nothing? Of course you haven’t. You are not old enough. You haven’t done what you loved for over 50 years. Chances are that you haven’t affected the lives of hundreds of people, YET. I have. I am here and now with [...]

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Helping Neighborhoods

There is something that continues to bother me, and that is how engaged people are with projects in foreign countries. I am not saying there isn’t a need. However, I am more concerned with all the people living in poverty, crime and resignation in neighborhoods throughout our cities right here in America. At one point [...]

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The Possibility Of Great Relationships

Having great relationships is a process. It is never a done deal given there is always another level to be achieved. This article is about a structure that I’ve found works. And, like any structure it requires persistence to produce the intended results. One thing to remember is there is no perfect way to do [...]

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Loving Your Work

I am often asked what I love about what I do. Many have heard me say that I have never had a bad day at work. That may be a slight exaggeration, but very slight. It has never seemed like work to me. Even days when I fail are not bad days. So, what do [...]

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Is Newer Always Better?

Is newer always better? Every new generation of athlete tends to think they are bigger, stronger, faster and better than those who have come before them. I don’t even want to waste time and breath arguing the point. Look at technology, for example. Everyday someone is coming up with a new device, a better widget [...]

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Being Good At What You Love

What is the key to being good at what you love? Is there something YOU love to do? Are you good at it? Perhaps, since “good” is a judgement call, but are you improving? Or, are you complaining about your performance? To help you in your evaluation of your performance consider this ... you are either [...]

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