The Todd Team Coaching Story & Management Team

In 1986, the brainchild of Coach Rolland Todd was born.  After 25 years of successfully coaching basketball, Coach Todd came to the realization that what was missing for coaches at every level was a context for powerful relationship building. It was not that coaches were incapable of building relationships.  It was very clear, that for the most part, they were barely scratching the surface of what was possible. Coach Todd turned personal learning experiences into programs that deliver the Fast Break Training promise; POWER, PRECISION AND PERFORMANCE.

The Coaches

Rolland Todd
Rolland ToddFounder
Rolland Todd is the founder of Todd Team Coaching. He is the primary designer of the company’s programs that include: Building a Championship Organization, The Manager as Coach and Building a Championship Team (athletics). In addition, he is the creator of The Coaching Excellence Camps. His work with coaches in these camps is being acclaimed as a breakthrough in coaching effectiveness for the 21st century.

Rolland’s background includes 25 years of coaching basketball at the intercollegiate and professional level, including tenures as the first head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers and the coach who brought the Runnin’ Rebels to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His 1967 UNLV team is in the school’s Hall of Fame along with the Runnin’ Rebels NCAA Championship Team. Rolland also has 10 years coaching in the California Community College system, and was inducted into their Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2005. His collegiate win-loss record features a .700-plus winning percentage.

Todd Team Coaching, was founded in 1986, and has worked with organizations on teamwork, leadership and coaching. Their Fast Break Training Programs deliver long-term and easy-to-replicate results. The Manager as Coach Program, The Building a Championship Team Workshop and The Coaching Excellence Camp for athletic coaches are all examples of the Fast Break Principles in action.

Rolland’s commitment to transforming the art of coaching and providing coaches with the tools to make a difference is second to none. Participation in the programs of Todd Team Coaching, has a lasting impact on the participant’s life.

Rolland holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fresno State University and a Master of Science Degree from the University of Washington. He has also authored and published five books that are available in the Coaching Bookstore.

Sharon Armstrong
Sharon ArmstrongCEO
Sharon Armstrong is the CEO of Todd Team Coaching, and a nominee for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s award for Women Making a Difference. Working in the personal development field, she has coached thousands of people both one-on-one and in workshops. She has over 25 years of experience in leading seminars across the country for Todd Team Coaching.

While raising her three children, Sharon studied at UCLA. She earned her BS in Business Administration and her MBA from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Sharon is well acquainted with the corporate world. Her background is in residential and commercial real estate, having 15 years experience in the industry.

Sharon is a past president of the San Francisco Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She mentored numerous board members and chapter presidents in communications, leadership and team building throughout her two decades of membership. The San Francisco Chapter of AICI continues to remain the largest and most active chapter in the organization.

Striving for personal growth and development, Sharon has participated in Landmark Education programs for the past 30 years. In addition, she has been trained by many transformational leaders such as Chris Howard and Thomas Crum. Sharon is a certified Master Results Coach and a Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neurological Repatterning.

As a results coach and leader in seminars, Sharon has combined her many years of experience with passion and purpose to develop empowering courses for women. “Getting to the Heart of the Matter” addresses a woman’s quest for wisdom, well-being and creative expression. Women have the opportunity to make peace with the past, honor their own authenticity and realize their dreams.

Based on the Todd Team Coaching central theme, Relationship is the Key to Everything, Sharon is committed to transforming the traditional environments of work, play and family with communication tools that will have an extraordinary impact on each participant’s life.

What our clients are saying

In all of my years of coaching, nothing has affected my program and our culture as much as what we accomplished interpersonally with Todd Team Coaching.

Margot Royer-Johnson, Head Volleyball Coach Providence College
Coach Todd’s Building a Championship Team program is the foundation of our employee culture in our organization.  Coach Todd’s 10 Championship Team Principles have helped guide our organization to highly effective communication, improved job satisfaction and outstanding business results.  Coach Todd’s Building a Championship Team program is an integral and important piece of our organization’s overall vision and mission.
Chris Haines, President, Arizona Division - AV Homes
Due to my relationship with Coach Todd, I now have a book of awesome lessons that have contributed greatly to my players and me. He has provided great wisdom and a safe environment for learning.

Every year I have worked with Coach Todd has allowed me to grow and experience new levels of ease and satisfaction in coaching my team. The time spent has been invaluable.

Nancy McDaniel, Head Coach - Women's Golf Team - UC, Berkeley
Coach Todd is great on his feet at a workshop, but shines perhaps even more as a coach one-on-one or with a pair of employees that need to work in sync together. I think the heart of it is that he has trained himself over the years to be a fantastic listener. He will train you to be one too.

Combining empathy, his understanding of people and their motivations, and his experience bringing teams to higher levels of performance (one person at a time, if need be), he is very effective. Results come quickly, and changes are long-lasting.

Doug Hansen, Founder - Redwood Trust, Inc.
When I was appointed Athletic Director at Providence College, the first person I called to help build a championship athletic program was Coach Todd.  Together, over the years, Coach Todd has helped us build a model athletic program that has allowed us to compete successfully in the Big East Conference.
Bob Driscoll, Athletic Director - Providence College

Coach Todd has been one of the most important people in my career. Helping me achieve synergy among my priorities, he has helped me open doors and achieve success I would have never been able to on my own. I can adamantly attribute my success to his coaching.

The Todd Team Coaching team has also been instrumental in helping our small company establish our culture from the beginning. In the two years since we began working with Coach Todd and his team at Todd Team Coaching, we have doubled our revenue and profits and increased our team by 30%.

Danny Goodman, Vice President - 55 Places
As a young assistant coach, I had the good fortune to participate in several Todd Team Coaching workshops. From their Building A Championship Team workshop as an assistant at the University Of The Pacific, to individual work at their coaching excellence camps.

We have used every lesson to help build one of the best community college basketball programs in the state of California at Cabrillo College. The theme of every program is, “Relationship Is The Key To
Everything.” A transformation consistently occurs in my relationship with my team because I apply that theme every single day with the individuals on my team as well as the team itself. It makes coaching simple, and at the same time, rigorous. It keeps me fully engaged.

Tony Marcopulos, Head Basketball Coach, Cabrillo College
As an NCAA Division I player, assistant coach and now head coach, I have had the good fortune to experience the teachings of Todd Team Coaching. Their primary principle that “Relationship Is The Key To Everything,” and their other operating principles have allowed me to effectively work through any issues with my athletes and in my personal life. We have a championship team on and off the course.
Anne Walker, NCAA Division I, Women's Golf Coach