Microwave Leadership
Microwave Leadership50 Keys To Instant Action
Get a copy of Rolland Todd’s first book, Microwave Leadership: 50 Keys to Instant Action and transform your life and organization in a flash. Improve your company, team, family and even yourself using Rolland’s tried and true 50 Keys to Instant Action. As an award-winning coach in athletics as well as executive coaching, Rolland Todd has helped companies, teams and individuals achieve success in their lives.
The Art Of Losing
The Art Of LosingCoaching Athletics and Thriving in a Made-For-TV World
The Art of Losing: Coaching Athletics and Thriving in a Made-For-TV World provides a context for any coach to achieve new levels of effectiveness in all areas of responsibility. Using the fundamentals of The Art of Losing: Coaching Athletics and Thriving in a Made-For-TV World, the coach can transform any situation, problem or concern into a breakthrough performance. New levels of satisfaction are natural outcomes.
The Ultimate Fast Break
The Ultimate Fast BreakSecrets to Precision, Power and Speed in the Running Game
The most exciting thing that happens in any basketball game, other than maybe a last second shot to win, is a finely executed fast break. It seemed to Coach Todd, a keen observer of basketball today, that teams professed to want a running game, but were missing the boat as to what it takes to have one at a high level. This small book has everything a coach will need to develop his or her own Ultimate Fast Break.
Hey Mom! Where's My Glove?
Hey Mom! Where's My Glove?The Keys to a Great Youth Sports Experience
This book is designed to give parents and coaches a foundation for providing an environment for young athletes that ensures the experience is everything that it can be and more.
Beyond Golf
Beyond GolfCreate a Foundation For Success On the Course and Off
This book provides the reader with a foundation for causing a breakthrough in performance on the golf course and at work. It will actually give you some tools with which to manage the most important aspect of anyone’s game, the mind. People say they play golf for the enjoyment. Wouldn’t it be great if that actually happened? Apply the principles of this book to your golf game and your life. Enjoyment will follow.
What's Missing?
What's Missing?A Champion’s Guide to Mastery (Fastbreak Training Series)
We tend to live in a world of “something’s wrong” which is an inaccurate statement and way to look at problems. The truth is that given the circumstances life is perfect. In fact, our failures should be viewed as opportunities to learn and grow, “What’s Missing” is a guide to discover what we can use to profit from what isn’t working. The world of leaders is too much “fixin’ things” and not enough growth. Coaching from becoming able to increase the quality of our performance with no loss of enthusiasm is the game. A failure is the catalyst. When we are up against
something ask yourself “What’s Missing” and you will be able to move quickly to the next level.