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Been Wondering Lately

I’ve actually been wondering this most of my life, but the current uproars and upsets have me wondering even more. Different races have traded places in the “we got screwed” category. Initially, they were all different whites. The English, Irish, Scots, Germans, French, Scandinavian, et. al, took their turn in the barrel. Being all-white allowed [...]

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Transform Your Coaching

Ready to transform your coaching? I want to address my biggest disappointment first. My efforts over the years with athletes and coaches has fallen short of my intentions. It is the the failure to work with a large number of black athletes and coaches. I think there are several reasons if I want to be [...]

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Parenting The Genius Child

As a person who has spent a life-time coaching performers (just short of 60 years), it occurs to me that parents of the highly talented (genius if you will) child have not done a particularly great job. I have no question about their intentions nor their love for their child. Recognizing how unique the child [...]

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So It’s Holiday Time Again

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been times when people are upset, but don’t know they are upset. That is because the upset is low grade and is chalked up to being a result of being pressed, too busy, etc. At a time that should be a celebration, instead people get irritated with crowds in the [...]

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The Tall Silent Type

Back in the day, the paradigm for leadership went something like this: Male. Tall. White. Intelligent. Charismatic. Etc. We now know, or should know that leaders come in all shapes, sizes, skin colors, religions and creeds. The one thing I never saw included in the paradigm of leadership was "silent." What I mean is do [...]

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The Importance Of Hard Work

How Soon We Forget I think we have forgotten or, more succinctly, technology has limited our experience of performing hard work. I am not just talking about putting in long hours. I am talking about physical, tedious and yes, sometimes boring work. I am not saying I don’t value what technology provides us. I am [...]

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Knowing Ourselves as Possibility

Fulfilling on a possibility is simple. I did not say it was easy. What is easy is to do is doing what we usually do (even though we may not think it is easy). The engine that drives possibility is commitment. Setting a timeline that is predictable isn’t it. Besides, you don’t ever know how [...]

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It’s that time of year again. No, it isn’t October yet. It’s time for the College World Series. This is an item on my “bucket list.” I wish I had been able to attend when it was held in the old ballpark, but it’s still on my list. The final eight teams are all there [...]

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The Practice Of Practicing

If it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be great as Matthew Saed proposes in his best-selling book, “Black Box Thinking”, then many of those hours would be alone. The late, great Pete Maravich was known for his ball-handling skills, and he dribbled the ball wherever he went from a very early age. The most [...]

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