Did You Ever End Up With Nothing?

Did You Ever End Up With Nothing?

Did you ever accomplish everything you set out to do and end up with nothing? Of course you haven’t. You are not old enough. You haven’t done what you loved for over 50 years. Chances are that you haven’t affected the lives of hundreds of people, YET. I have.

I am here and now with nothing. Living in my daughter’s home with my social security as my only income. Can’t go anywhere or do anything except survive. I am 83 years old with the kind of health to be able to live to be 100. For what? How can I have been so stupid?

Don’t get me wrong. Where I am right now is totally my responsibility. Oh, I could tell a great story about timing and circumstances and bad luck. All crap. There is no excuse for not doing what one intuitively knows to do.

If I told the truth about it, I have at least 10 good years left. That’s a pretty big chunk of time to throw away. Might I need to make some changes? Sure. Is that too big a chore? Maybe. How will I know? I won’t until I begin.

So, enough about me and my pathetic story. What about you? Are you doing exactly what you want to do? If not, why not? You deserve to have a great life. You will not have it without risk. You cannot accomplish and be comfortable at the same time. Trust me on this.

Change is always happening. The question is are you in-charge of the change? Are you keeping up with the times? Are you bringing other people in to work with you? I don’t have any answers for you. These are questions you  need to answer for yourself. I needed to change and I didn’t. The work I do is as valid as ever. The marketing I used to do now is not relevant. People change.

This I do know. There are 10 years worth of people that I may miss the opportunity to change their lives for the better. Or, maybe I really haven’t made a difference at all. I guess only time will tell.

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