Knowing Ourselves as Possibility

Fulfilling on a possibility is simple. I did not say it was easy. What is easy is to do is doing what we usually do (even though we may not think it is easy). The engine that drives possibility is commitment. Setting a timeline that is predictable isn’t it. Besides, you don’t ever know how [...]

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Team Like Family

This weekend I watched a couple of NFL games and viewed a couple of movie promos in between plays. The theme of all of these was a “team like family.” When I started my business 30 years ago, we interviewed each participant before we did their workshop. In many cases, they were college athletes. At [...]

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WHAT IS 100%

In a previous blog, I talked about two things: “relationship is the key to everything”, and the key to having a great relationship is a concept called 100%-0%. In other words, I commit 100% of my energy to figuring out what I can do to have the relationship work. To do this, it might be useful to distinguish what 100% looks like.

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