the art of transformation

Transformation Takes Practice

Breakthroughs in performance occur when you see something familiar through new eyes. In other words, seeing a possibility that didn’t occur to us previously. There is a new opening for action. However, given that our habits and reactions have been with us and since we were kids, they affect our performance consistently. Those openings can [...]

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Helping Neighborhoods

There is something that continues to bother me, and that is how engaged people are with projects in foreign countries. I am not saying there isn’t a need. However, I am more concerned with all the people living in poverty, crime and resignation in neighborhoods throughout our cities right here in America. At one point [...]

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Generation Gap?

Is there such a thing as a generation gap?  This past week, my company, Todd Team Coaching was introducing our Building a Championship Team (BCT) program to an internet company called Neighborhoods ( Three years ago we worked with them when there we just 11 people. Their initial offering was called 55 places, the successful [...]

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The Power Of Transformation

Let's talk about the power of transformation. For 30 years I have done all I could do to provide a transformational experience for coaches, athletes, executives and their employees. It has been rewarding work and a great ride. However, I think there are some misconceptions that may limit what is possible over the long haul. [...]

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Can Tiger Roar Again?

Revered by many, hated by some is the lot of heroes. Tiger Woods is a hero in the game of golf and will be forever. He literally has changed the face of golf. Back in the day, professional golf was the domain of a bunch of white guys. From Bobby Jones to Byron Nelson, Sam [...]

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The Rock And The Hard Place

The past week’s Sports Illustrated cover story was “Homeless Athletes.” I don’t know the authors’ intent for sure and I am pretty sure that they wanted to create attention around a problem to cause something good to happen. There is nothing new or exceptional about this problem. It has been that way since I began [...]

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Television advertising, print media and in peoples conversations, the word transformation appears on a regular basis. It is œHe or she was transformed, My life was transformed, œMy body was transformed, etc., etc. I fear that a word used in conversation 25 years ago that was considered weird or strange or cultish is being transformed [...]

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How Long Can You Go?

I have been engaged in the world of coaching for a very long time and have been able to see that coaches have become more aware of the impact that they can have on their athletes.  I see it, also, with leaders in the business world. I think that leaders fundamentally care about the people [...]

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What's the purpose?

My primary operating principle is that œRelationship is the Key to Everything.  If this is true, the  what is it we are doing or not doing that keeps us very average in playing the relationship game? Be clear, I am not just talking about romantic relationships, although they are certainly included.  I am talking about [...]

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So Much For Learning

I have been involved with learning on an active basis for fifty years  I say active as directly accountable for the learning process of others.  Simply said, œI am a coach. For 25 years I coached the game of basketball.  I coached at all the levels the game is played.  For more on my history, [...]

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