Transformation Takes Practice

Transformation Takes Practice

Breakthroughs in performance occur when you see something familiar through new eyes. In other words, seeing a possibility that didn’t occur to us previously. There is a new opening for action.

However, given that our habits and reactions have been with us and since we were kids, they affect our performance consistently. Those openings can close quickly. So, what prevents this? How do we have our breakthroughs become our habits?

The answer may sound too simple. Well, it IS simple. To be clear, I didn’t say it is easy. The answer is practice and practice well. Practice so-so. Practice and fail. When we fail we learn and put what we learned into practice. That is, if we do learn at all. If we didn’t learn anything get over it and get back to practicing.

Matthew Saed, author of Black Box Thinking says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be great at anything. What I add to that is all the ways that we need to practice. I don’t think practice is a grind. Working hard, yes, but hard is not a strain. It’s paying strict attention to execution.

Here are a couple other pieces to add to your practice regimen as part of your 10,000 hours:

  • Rest/Time Off
  • Know The History of the Sport (Performers & Teams)
  • Cross Training
  • Diet
  • Coaching

Sometimes a day off is your best practice. Being fresh the next day does wonders for one’s concentration. Knowing the history of your sport and the great ones who played it is an opportunity to appreciate the game and those who paid their dues before you.

Cross training and diet addresses your fitness. The hill you are climbing takes your best. Your physical well-being supports your mental well-being. There are enough challenges without adding to the mass.

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