What’s The Cost Of Injury?

What’s The Cost Of Injury?

I have been wondering about the multitude of injuries that occur in a single sports season. This includes all levels from high school to college to professional. Am I just too old or do I read every day in my sports page about teams struggling because of injuries to key players? Consider this, the team was struggling and then they got hurt.

I played a lot of sports, so I had a lot of teammates and I just don’t remember playing without that many due to injury. There is one big thing I know that is different today than “back in my day.” The concern that an injury could cause the loss of a lot of money. College freshman worry about it as are those who are currently getting paid.

I don’t have much research for what I am about to propose, so I won’t dazzle you with fancy numbers. Here’s what I do know … statistics tell us that over 70% of our elite athletes are over-trained. More is better is a fallacy. Rest is equally as important as work. Yet, here we are, well into the 21st century and we haven’t gotten the message. By the way, this includes you people who go to work every day.

Here are a few things to consider that I do know something about:

  • Injuries are not accidents. They primarily occur when we are not present.
  • When we are stressed or worried we can step in the hole we would usually avoid.
  • We get injured when we are tired. In sports, fourth quarters are big.
  • Complacency is a great cause because we drift.
  • Injury is a way to get out of a situation that doesn’t work. Your “being” just doesn’t want to be there.

And, I could go on. Check it out for yourself.

And of course, illness should be a part of this conversation.

We need to remind each other to be here now. Doing things in short bursts with periods of rest in between works. When a performer is angry they are not present. If they would get present they could channel the anger into the next action. Pro athletes are earning millions of dollars and are not available to perform. Sounds like a bad investment to me.

If you have questions about anything I have said contact me and let’s discuss it.

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