So It’s Holiday Time Again

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been times when people are upset, but don’t know they are upset. That is because the upset is low grade and is chalked up to being a result of being pressed, too busy, etc. At a time that should be a celebration, instead people get irritated with crowds in the [...]

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The Tall Silent Type

Back in the day, the paradigm for leadership went something like this: Male. Tall. White. Intelligent. Charismatic. Etc. We now know, or should know that leaders come in all shapes, sizes, skin colors, religions and creeds. The one thing I never saw included in the paradigm of leadership was "silent." What I mean is do [...]

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The Importance Of Hard Work

How Soon We Forget I think we have forgotten or, more succinctly, technology has limited our experience of performing hard work. I am not just talking about putting in long hours. I am talking about physical, tedious and yes, sometimes boring work. I am not saying I don’t value what technology provides us. I am [...]

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Knowing Ourselves as Possibility

Fulfilling on a possibility is simple. I did not say it was easy. What is easy is to do is doing what we usually do (even though we may not think it is easy). The engine that drives possibility is commitment. Setting a timeline that is predictable isn’t it. Besides, you don’t ever know how [...]

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Making Decisions

One of the things people labor over in their lives is decision-making. Choosing the “right” thing to do. Worrying about it, stressing about it. Being anxious over extended periods of time is wearing. If you are in a leadership role, the attempt to fulfill the expectations of others requires decision-making support for others. The truth [...]

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Why Me? Dealing With The Shingles

For about 10 days or more. I have been battling the Shingles. Not the ones on the roof but those brought on by suffering with chicken pox as a kid. I thought I paid my dues and can’t help wondering, “why the double-dip?” To give me some clarity about this avenger virus I went to [...]

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Using The Past For The Future

Our reactions are driven by the past and, as such, are always a limitation. They are always the same or very similar, so there may be incremental change, but very slow progress. So, what is the most effective way to use the past? Since the past is the foundation for creating the future, like a [...]

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Being Good At What You Love

What is the key to being good at what you love? Is there something YOU love to do? Are you good at it? Perhaps, since “good” is a judgement call, but are you improving? Or, are you complaining about your performance? To help you in your evaluation of your performance consider this ... you are either [...]

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Performance Factors Revealed

We are always working on our performance even when we we aren’t consciously working on it. During this work, one of the questions we ask ourselves is, “How do I consistently maintain a high level of performance?” Perhaps there are more effective questions to ask. Businesses and other types of organizations have dozens of projects [...]

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