So It’s Holiday Time Again

Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been times when people are upset, but don’t know they are upset. That is because the upset is low grade and is chalked up to being a result of being pressed, too busy, etc. At a time that should be a celebration, instead people get irritated with crowds in the [...]

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The Importance Of Hard Work

How Soon We Forget I think we have forgotten or, more succinctly, technology has limited our experience of performing hard work. I am not just talking about putting in long hours. I am talking about physical, tedious and yes, sometimes boring work. I am not saying I don’t value what technology provides us. I am [...]

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Using The Past For The Future

Our reactions are driven by the past and, as such, are always a limitation. They are always the same or very similar, so there may be incremental change, but very slow progress. So, what is the most effective way to use the past? Since the past is the foundation for creating the future, like a [...]

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So, You Want To Be A Leader?

So, whether or not you want to be a leader, you are already leading. The question is whether or not you are willing to be responsible for your leadership and the direction it is leading. You see, someone is always paying attention to the way you are acting and deciding whether or not to play [...]

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Under Pressure

In the worlds of sports, business and even in our personal relationships we can feel”pressured.” What has us feel that way. i.e., the source of this feeling? Is it real or imagined? Do we have anything to say about our experience of being under pressure? The first thing I would have you consider is that [...]

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Well, It’s The Olympics

Television can make anything look good and the Olympics are the biggest worldwide athletic event. I am clear that both conspire to cover-up many adverse circumstances. Despite this, there are many inspirational events that are viewed around the world. Last night Usain Bolt became the first man to ever win three consecutive gold medals in [...]

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Coaching Excellence Camp – August 2016

On August 20-21, 2016 I will be leading a Coaching Excellence Camp (CEC) in Cupertino, CA (San Jose area). It is the foundation piece for everything we do at Todd Team Coaching and my favorite. We don’t do this often so take advantage! The basic design for this workshop is to reveal the unexamined behaviors [...]

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