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It’s that time of year again. No, it isn’t October yet. It’s time for the College World Series. This is an item on my “bucket list.” I wish I had been able to attend when it was held in the old ballpark, but it’s still on my list. The final eight teams are all there [...]

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The Final Four 2017 – My Take

My first Final Four was in Portland, Oregon, 1965, between UCLA, University of Michigan, Princeton and Wichita State University. It was held in the Portland Coliseum that seated 13,000 and change. I am not sure it was even sold out. A return engagement for John Wooden’s Bruins (1964 Champs). Michigan was a power in the [...]

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March Madness: The Greatest Show On Earth

No disrespect to Jimmy Stewart, but the new “Greatest Show” is March Madness. The number of people caught up in the process to name the best intercollegiate basketball team is second to none. The number of people that are involved in this show is staggering. There is the obvious. It begins with the conference tournaments. [...]

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March Madness: A Coach’s Perspective

March Madness? Actually, the madness really begins in February. I think keeping their teams in present time is a BIG challenge for coaches. This is not true in all cases, but worth paying attention to. Let’s take a minute to look at the various situations that can become distractions.   THE SUREFIRE “INs” These are [...]

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March Madness: Being The Best

I have been watching several games per day since “March Madness” started. (That’s, of course, only on the days they are playing). I am depressed that individuals and teams respond so poorly when the game is on the line. So many games have come down to the final seconds and too many times the loser [...]

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Kentucky Vs. Indiana Basketball

Even though I grew up on the West Coast, loving basketball the way i did, I was aware that the two traditional powers were the University of Kentucky and the University of Indiana. Of course, the University of Kansas was just as big on the college scene with legendary coach Phog Allen and the creator [...]

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March Madness: The Greatest Show On Earth

Everyone has their favorite sports championship. I love them all. Not because of what sport it is but, more so, the opportunity to see how the players and coaches perform when everything is on the line. Having said that, we are in the month of March and another session of March Madness. At the end [...]

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