It’s that time of year again. No, it isn’t October yet. It’s time for the College World Series. This is an item on my “bucket list.” I wish I had been able to attend when it was held in the old ballpark, but it’s still on my list.

The final eight teams are all there to do one thing—win the NCAA championship. Each team is made up of players who all aspire to be major leaguers. Despite the statistics (two or three percent) hope springs eternal. There is nothing wrong with this.

The universe will tell each one whether they can or cannot make it. I think it is important and appropriate to go for one’s dreams. If that doesn’t happen, it is grounds for a lifetime of regret. Going for your dreams is training for what’s next in life.

I have been working with 18-21 year old athletes for the past 50 years. I am concerned that I have seen a change in athletes over the past 10-15 years. The change is the lack of ability to bounce back from adversity.

Usually, adversity is a failure of some type to deal with. Our failures are the opportunities to learn, grow and mature. I am sorry, but I see the grit to do this is missing.

Obvioiusly, this isn’t just the current athletes. It is just easier to see it in high performance activities. Take politics as an example. The politicians identify the problems on both sides of the aisle (you know, the other guy’s side).

I am a democrat by registration, but I will say this—the Democrats lead the world in “talking about” and are last in actually doing anything. We have a fraud for President. Not only will he survive this term, he is likely to win a second term. Sometimes we need to make an ass of ourselves to get people’s attention. We need to stand for something and be willing to fail. Learn something and get up and go again.

Do it.

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