The Practice Of Practicing

If it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be great as Matthew Saed proposes in his best-selling book, “Black Box Thinking”, then many of those hours would be alone. The late, great Pete Maravich was known for his ball-handling skills, and he dribbled the ball wherever he went from a very early age. The most [...]

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Transformation Takes Practice

Breakthroughs in performance occur when you see something familiar through new eyes. In other words, seeing a possibility that didn’t occur to us previously. There is a new opening for action. However, given that our habits and reactions have been with us and since we were kids, they affect our performance consistently. Those openings can [...]

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Being Good At What You Love

What is the key to being good at what you love? Is there something YOU love to do? Are you good at it? Perhaps, since “good” is a judgement call, but are you improving? Or, are you complaining about your performance? To help you in your evaluation of your performance consider this ... you are either [...]

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The Practice Of Practice

Coaches clearly know the value of practice. But, I am not as clear about their relationship to practice. They are freaked out when circumstances prevent a scheduled practice. Or, the team has a “bad” practice. Or, they worry did we have enough practice? The truth is that no one knows the perfect number of practices [...]

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