The Practice Of Practicing

The Practice Of Practicing

If it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be great as Matthew Saed proposes in his best-selling book, “Black Box Thinking”, then many of those hours would be alone. The late, great Pete Maravich was known for his ball-handling skills, and he dribbled the ball wherever he went from a very early age.

The most important thing to note about practice is that it isn’t a singular event. It has different forms. Each form expands our capacity to learn and therefore, the capacity to perform. We never know our capabilities until we are unwilling to settle for our current status.

One of the things I have often heard said in admiration is “he/she is a student of the game.”

To be that student, here are some areas of practice to include:

Skills, Physical Fitness, Mental Aspects of Your Sport, History of Your Sport, Preparation for Competition, Rest, Team Play and Aligned Vision. I am sure you can find others, but these will get you started.


In the high school and college summers I shot 1,000 shots a day, 4 or 5 days a week. My intention was full concentration on each shot. Often, of course, I failed. Golfers spend a lot of time on the practice tee. Creating each shot is the key. Not just whacking balls.

Physical Fitness:

Time in the weight room. Distance running. Stretching. Balanced diet.

Mental Game:

Understanding strategy. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Practicing both.

History of Your Sport:

Great Players. Great Teams. Great Events. Know them.

Preparation for Competition:

Game plan. Strategy. Team Outlook. Opponents strengths and weaknesses.


Sometimes this is the best practice.

Aligned Vision:

Where we are headed and the principles to get there.

I am sure you can discover other practices. It’s just 10,000 hours. Give me a holler sometime if you want to talk about how to achieve your goals as an athlete, coach or anything in life! 602-391-5436.

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