Not Sorry I Am Old

As I move through my 83rd year, I often have days where my thoughts are about all the things I haven’t done or done well or didn’t even think about doing. On rare occasions, I have a sense of pride about what I was able to do. The truth is, despite my failures I have [...]

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Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Let's talk about shooting yourself in the foot ... In the world of golfing, this past weekend’s Ryder Cup competition is one of the best of the season. For those who don’t know or don’t care, the Ryder Cup features the USA’s best against Europe’s best. An all-star team against all-star team, if you will. [...]

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The Right Time To Retire?

It is always interesting to me how many times we want to push our aging stars into retirement. How is that we know when is the right time? Isn’t it up to the performer to call it a day? Sure, they may have lost a step, but they were five steps better than most their [...]

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What Makes Great Players?

In our quote file at Todd Team Coaching there is a quote that says what I think a great player does to be called great. It is certainly not just talent. Stories are legends about talented people who never lived up to their promise. It is also not about comparison. We constantly compare people of [...]

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The Rewards Of Coaching

This weekend I had the opportunity to reaffirm the rewards of coaching as former players of mine gathered to honor their relationships formulated some 30 years ago. Most of the people attending brought their wives or significant others who had been hearing the stories about their husbands’ experiences for years. As the head coach I [...]

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What Is Todd Team Coaching?

I seldom talk about my company, so I am taking liberty to do so now. I will attempt to have it be worthwhile and not too boring. The company name is Todd Team Coaching and our programs are Fast Break Training courses. The emphasis is Power, Precision and Performance. Nice words, but it may be [...]

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Discrimination, Prejudice and Other Fun Games

It is beyond the scope of my imagination that anyone would choose to be a “minority” in anything. Not because it is a bad thing, but because one of the most powerful drives for human beings is to BELONG. Wouldn’t it be safer and more comfortable, if everyone looked and thought the same way? It [...]

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Cultural Chaos

Our world is in what I would call “Cultural Chaos.” Whatever happened to “live and let live” or perhaps more accurately “be and let be?” I have been a keen observer of human behavior and the struggles involved since I was six years old. I have no scientific data or empirical proof my viewpoint. I [...]

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Workin' With The Kids

Today is the first day of the second workshop we have done at Providence College over the past few days. We worked with the lacrosse team last weekend and are working with the softball team starting this afternoon. The work we are doing is called Building a Championship Team, and we have been teaching this [...]

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