“A” Is For Arrogance

A week or so ago, I was reminded of my own arrogance very graphically. How I am using the “A” word is a “narrow point of view.” It is the moment we stop paying attention to something because we “know” how it is already. What happened to me was a shock because I thought I [...]

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Those Who Serve

I am watching the Army-Navy football game from Philadelphia, PA. The 116th game between these two storied institutions. When I was a kid the game was held in wartime. It was toward the end of World War II and was watched by a nation who needed this moment of pride. Since that time, the Navy [...]

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Coaching Athletes: They Are Just Like You!

Coaches, your athletes are just like you (only younger and in better shape). I am not saying identical. I am saying they are a reflection of what you bring or don’t bring to the party. They are reacting pro or con, for or against, etc. They are not identical, but neither are identical twins. Therefore, [...]

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What Makes Great Players?

In our quote file at Todd Team Coaching there is a quote that says what I think a great player does to be called great. It is certainly not just talent. Stories are legends about talented people who never lived up to their promise. It is also not about comparison. We constantly compare people of [...]

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I’m Busy. Are You Really?

I rarely run into anyone who isn’t “busy.” I am never sure the nature of their “busy-ness.” However, I hear it so much that I have an idea of what a great deal of being busy is about. I think a couple of things are at play here. Number One is that being busy is a [...]

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Sources Of Upset

The way that I see any upset is that it is a reaction triggered by something incomplete from our “way” past that is often repeated. I am certainly not the originator of this idea and I am more just sorting it out for myself. So, what does knowing this tell us? In reality, just knowing, [...]

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Discrimination, Prejudice and Other Fun Games

It is beyond the scope of my imagination that anyone would choose to be a “minority” in anything. Not because it is a bad thing, but because one of the most powerful drives for human beings is to BELONG. Wouldn’t it be safer and more comfortable, if everyone looked and thought the same way? It [...]

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Bonus Babies Then and Now

In the 1950’s there was something happening in Major League Baseball that the press called, “Bonus Babies.” Athletes of special ability were given large sums of money to sign with a particular organization. A player named Marty Keough actually signed with the Boston Red Sox for $100,000. I know, “beer” money today. I know this [...]

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